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Freight Forwarder

The sea is our environment, no matter if the transport is complex, we always have the most appropriate option for your cargo, always giving priority to the lowest traffic with the lowest risk. With more than 30 years of ...

Land Solutions

With our vast network of partners, we are able to collect your cargo worldwide, no matter if it is out of gauge or heavy lift

With HARMS you’re going to reach safety and on time your destination.

In Brazil we have partners strategically segmented by region and type of cargo. This ensures the most competitive prices...

Shipping Agency 

We are Shipping Agents at Itaqui, Alumar and Ponta da Madeira Ports (all in North Brazil) and have partners all over the Brazilian coast. Our experience of more than 70 years gives us the necessary expertise to offer the best services as shipping agency.

Air Solutions 

We know sometimes every minute counts and it it might be crucial for your business. For this kind of situation, HARMS is a specialist in air transportation to the states of Pará and Maranhão.


With over 50 projects executed, hundreds of thousands of cubic meters and tons of cargo shipped, we have developed a successful concept for the transportation of complex cargo.

For us, transportation will only begin after each detail has been analyzed and planned, including route analysis, limitations or permissions needed  at origin and destination, pre-shipment inspections, special lift services, special transport, optimization,  well-defined packing and customs.

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