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In 1946, two brothers, having lived a long time in São Luis with their families, decided to start a new company to attend the European Liner Ships  ( Happag Lloyd ) ,


This new Company was founded on June 1946 in the port area and the principal cargo was agriculture products.


1970s, the Company was awarded the Agency by a Brazilian Oil Company – PETROBRAS – with 20 vessels calling per month. also two new Companies began their exports from our Ports: 35 millions tons of iron ore by VALE and 300 thousand tons of aluminum ingots  and 4.5 milion tons bulk Alumina from Aumar.


Now our Company operates around 40 Vessels a year; mostly Vessel fixed under our COA with local Charterers  carrying caustic Soda and Coal, also Liner Agent for major Asiatic Owners  with  regular liner services Asia to Brazil and exporting manganese ore out Itaqui and Vila do Conde ports.


We provided local services for the World Shipping Industry, been cargho broker, port Agents, and facilitator to attend Brazilian regulations


Our Partner Prado Agencia Maritima, allowed us as subs agents to attend cape size Vessels for long time to major Japanese Ships owners.


Connection the Ships Owners to Charterer for handy size ore exports has been a quite successful business.


Recently we were proud to participate of the major mining expansion project in the north of Brazil delivering important machinery sold C+F by European supplier. Also Mining project in Peru.

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